I created the interface designs and iPhone X in Adobe Illustrator CC.

This is a graphic user interface design I created and animated in Adobe After Effects. The app is called Classi and it takes a more interactive and animated approach to displaying weather. The app screen corresponds to time of day - a lighter pink to orange gradient for day and a darker purple to blue gradient for night. When the day passes, the sun and moon move in correlation to what its position would be in real time. The sun and moon pulsate - the circles will slowly move from smaller to bigger on repeat. The user can swipe to change the view on the lower half of the screen to see the next few hours versus the week's weather. The animation is a mock up for what the interface design would look like for Paris - with a vector art representation of the Eiffel Tower. For each city, I plan on creating a different vector art icon representation in place of the Eiffel Tower. In this way, the app is more customized for the viewer based on their current location or locations they choose to explore.

For the different types of weather - those are small animations on the app screen. If the weather in real time is sunny, the app will display the background without clouds. If the weather is currently cloudy, the app will display animated clouds moving across the screen from left to right. When it is snowing, the app screen will display animated snowflakes falling down from the clouds to the ground. If it is raining, the app screen will display animated rain falling from the clouds to the ground.

This is a more interactive approach to displaying weather instead of the current apps in use. The current apps do not utilize as much animation or color scheme for night versus day, whereas this app design utilizes a more animated approach to retain the user's attention.

User Interface Design - Classi App

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